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Blogging again… in English

3 minute read

I’m back again to blog about things I like. You know what I’ll be talking about? I’m pretty sure you know. Main topics will be about my favorite stuff when i...




Creating a deeply nested Hash in Ruby

3 minute read

Sometimes you’ll have to create a deeply nested hash without knowing how deep it can be at first. This hash should allow reading and setting values at any le...

Ruby one-liners for file manipulations

10 minute read

Most people using Ruby nowdays are using it for Rails. They often defined themselves has ‘Rails developers’, not ‘Ruby developers’. I’m an early adopter of R...

Translating ActiveRecord data using JSON

4 minute read

Following the mass and using de-facto libraries isn’t always the best choice. Here are some thoughts about handling translation of data stored in database wh...

Using I18n with Hanami

1 minute read

Last week I wrote about settings up Sikekiq in Hanami. Another gem I often use is I18n since it allows to localize strings and keep them separated from my co...

Using Sidekiq with Hanami

3 minute read

One of the gems I often use in my Ruby on Rails projects is Sikekiq. For those of you who don’t know about it, it allows to easily manage background processes.

How to use infinity in your code

less than 1 minute read

You’ll sometimes have to use the notion of infinity in your Ruby code. There isn’t any way to directly use infinity in Ruby, at least none that I know of… Bu...

Thor - a command-line scripting tool

5 minute read

Thor is a simple and efficient tool for building self-documenting command line utilities. I’m a shell guy, I use a terminal everyday and most of my job is do...

Default stack for Ruby projects

8 minute read

Having a clear and well-defined default stack when you start a new project is a good thing — it will have an impact on your productivity and happiness. I’ll ...

Encapsulate a code block in an object

3 minute read

Ruby is a very dynamic language which allows you to do things like encapsulate a piece of code in an object. This is a really powerful capability you can use...


Rails console tips

5 minute read

Knowing how to use the Rails console can be very useful when debugging or trying your snippets. Being proficient with it will increase your productivity.

Emacs Tramp lag and timeout

3 minute read

You’re experiencing excessive lag and timeouts when using Tramp on remote servers through SSH. Here is the solution to one of the most common cause.

Downgrading RubyMotion

1 minute read

Sometimes after upgrading RubyMotion I face some bugs introduced in the new release. It can be bugs which can easily be worked around or really annoying bugs...

How to solve Textmate slowdown on focus

1 minute read

On Friday I was having slowdowns on Textmate focus. I never had this problem before and this “bug” was only happening on this given project. I had to wait fo...


Pow using rbenv

2 minute read

Couple weeks ago I switched from RVM to rbenv because I think it’s a cleaner and faster way to handle Ruby versions. It is more respecful of the Unix philoso...