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Replace a branch with another one in a Git repository

in Tips
Last week a workmate did me a pull
request where he wanted to merge a fully new “develop” branch into
“master”. The thing was that he realized that he has to change
everything ‘cause he wanted to work with the latest version
of Middleman. He has already started some
work with an older version but...


Using I18n with Hanami

in Ruby
Last week I wrote about settings up Sikekiq
in Hanami. Another gem I often use
is I18n since it allows to localize
strings and keep them separated from my code by using a dedicated file. This way my
code don’t have any hard-coded string but rather uses something that looks like
a keys / values st...


Using Sidekiq with Hanami

in Ruby
One of the gems I often use in my Ruby on Rails
projects is Sikekiq. For those of you who
don’t know about it, it allows to easily manage background

As I’m now using Hanami more and more for my
personal projects it quickly became essential to me to integrate
it in Hanami. Fortunately ...


Running a JSON API with Rack and mruby on a Raspberry Pi

in Raspberry
I recently got a Raspberry Pi 2 so I wanted to experiment with home automation, surveillance system, movement detection and stuff like that.

Thinking of the things I could do with it I quickly realized that I would need an API at home to centralized everything. I immediately thought it was a wor...


Setting up Rails, Nginx and Puma

in Unix
When Rails 4 was released it offered a bunch new features and deprecations :

You can see that thread safety is since on by default so a Rack server can safely create threads for your Rails app rather than forking process and waste cpu cycles and memory.

If you didn’t switch to a Rack compatib...